Vyana has traveled many roads on her spiritual quest for wholeness. She now has her home in the goddess Tripura Sundari. After graduating from seminary in the early 90’s, she found her way to Shalom Mountain, a retreat center in the Catskills, where she has lived in a community that practices the skills of intentional loving. She has had many roles as a spiritual teacher and leader. A former minister of a mainstream Protestant church, she continues to teach process leadership part time, while she follows her current passion a teacher and guide of Tantra and shamanism. 

Cristian is man of many gifts, has grown in the depths of latin culture and has being a seeker for most of his life. He is a well trained process leader, a body worker and a Sacred Intimate. Cristian has trained in many modalities and has more than 10 years of experience. In his early life he spent many years exploring the physical realms, embodiment and emotions and has an exquisite gift to follow the body’s response to emotions, touch and energy.