The three cities represent the three realms of consciousness. The first is the ordinary realm where our life plays the day to day roles, this is where are waking consciousness lives. The second is the mythical realm where the Gods and Goddesses and the epic myths and archetypal stories play out. And the third is the realm of pure energy, where there is no longer any story, just movement and a felt sense of time and space. Tripura Sundari is the certain fourth realm, where we let go of time and space and know all three of the previous realms all at once in a burst of insight and certainty.

We use this ancient map to guide you in the evolution of your life. In meeting with each person, couple or group we will use the tools available to us to help you explore and integrate a new view of yourself and thus transform your life to find deep pleasure in your life purpose. We draw from many tools including Transpersonal Psychology, Tantra, Body Work, Sacred Intimacy, and Shamanism. No matter the path the goal is always to support and transform your life to one of abundance, pleasure and freedom.

Tripura Sundarī is the sri yantra, the image of the ascending and descending triangles that is sometimes described as the sri chakra. Tripura Sundari is translated as the beautiful Goddess of the three cities.  She is the most important Mahavidyas, the ten great cosmic powers that are studied by the ancient Tantric yogis.