Private Tantric Sessions for Individuals & Couples

We offer private coaching sessions in tantric practices and principles. We can tailor your training in the principles of Tantra to your particular journey and situation. For some this may mean just one or a few sessions to get you started or to make a significant shift in your current situation. For others this can be a long-term series of sessions that can stretch over months or years.

Get a bigger picture for your life - Sometimes we feel stuck in our lives because we haven’t allowed ourselves to dream a big enough life. In Tantra we work to expand our perspective so we can see greater horizons for what our lives are all about.

Find deeper pleasure in your sexual life – Few spiritual paths include sexuality as thoroughly as Tantra. Sacred sexuality is the conscious study and practice of how sex and spirit are intimately tied.  Learning to embrace our pleasure rather than fearing or trying to control it, allows earth and heaven, Shiva & Shakti, to dance through us with ease and ecstasy.
Balance your inner marriage with your outer marriage – We all have masculine and feminine energies with us and we tend to play out our inner struggle in our actual marriages and partnerships. Tantra teaches how to regulate your inner balance, so that your relationship can thrive and expand, rather than survive and endure! BTW, this principle also applies to all our relationships – friendships, co-workers and family members.

If you are traveling from a long way, we also have private separate space for you to stay. The downstairs of our temple has it’s own kitchen and access to a private hot tub with beautiful views of nature. We also have a small cabin next door, for those who would like to stay longer term, perhaps a week or a month in privacy and seclusion with full access to our services!
Generally our private sessions are $150 per hour for one of us, $200 per hour for both of us. With couple’s work, it’s works best if both of us can be there. If you are interested in doing some private coaching, please contact either one of us. . We love hearing from you!