​Private Healing & Coaching Sessions

If you could figure out how to change your life on our own, you would have done it a long time ago! We all need help to see ourselves. We offer a loving ear and reflection on what and who we see, this can give you a better understanding yourself and your world. Based on decades of experience studying process leadership with Shalom Mountain and other masters in the field of process therapy, we can help you:

Handle trauma from your past – Experiences from our childhood or traumatic events at any age can limit our ability to feel and enjoy the full pleasure of our lives. Through deepening an inner dialogue with your body and sub-personalities, we can teach you to let the past be the past and prepare you to dive into a brand new future.

Release physical & emotional pain in your body – When we swallow our feelings, eventually they accumulate in the pit of the stomach. We can show you how to let go of the anger, fear, pain and shame that has been laying at the core of your being for years. The good news is that on the other side of those archaic dark emotions is the path to joy, excitement, passion and empowerment.

See new possibilities – After you have quieted and released the recurrent thoughts of your busy and fearful mind, it is possible to see new ways to live abundantly and with much more pleasure and freedom.  We can help you dream the next step for your life, based on your essence and the calling of your soul.