​​​​​Embodied GoddessesS  
April 11 - 14 2019

• Would you like to ignite your inner Goddess?
• Do you vibrate in ways you can’t quite name or understand?
• Do you long to unlock the secrete pleasure of your body?

Join Lizz and Vyana this spring to explore the embodied wisdom of Tripura Sundari. She is the vibration of LOVE itself, the beauty of the three worlds formed in the triad, the three points of the sacred yoni from which all that is emerges.

​​​​​​​Intro to Tantra  

February 28 - March 3  2019

The art of Tantra has been practiced by the ancients of India for thousands of years. It is a way of life where embodiment meets meditation, where the erotic meets the ordinary tasks of daily living, and where our sexual energy can be harnessed to take us to ecstatic divine realms. In esoteric terms, Tantric philosophy wakes up our minds that we might see the beauty of the earth without and the depth of soul within. In practical terms, Tantra invites our bodies to wake up so every cell can be alive with spanda (pure life force).  Read More

Advanced Sacred Sexuality

May 30 - June 2 2019